Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bria's Halloween

Technically it was her second Halloween, but this was the first Halloween that Bria was really up for the fun. She dressed as a super adorable giraffe.

She LOVED the costume when it came in the mail, and was very proud to try it on. But when we got it out on the day, she totally didn't want to wear it! After putting it on twice, Mom convinced her to leave it on, as long as she didn't have to have the hood on. OK, we can deal with that!

Just like she was resting up for her big night, Bria went down for a nap at 1 p.m. -- totally unheard of in her world -- and was totally ready to go at it by 4! We got all ready, and by the time Daddy got home from work, we were on our way.

Our first stop was the All City Halloween Party at the rec center. She wasn't totally sure at first what she thought, and she made Daddy throw the basketball for her at the first game. But by the second one, she was really digging this carnival thing! She played ring toss and threw bean bags, and ran around in the little Haunted House. And she danced! Oh, how she danced -- she clearly thought that was the best thing! She thought it was so much fun.

After the carnival, we headed over to get some dinner, then we hit the streets to Trick or Treat! We weren't sure how that would go, but she loved it. She very happily ran from house to house, held up her little bag (thank you Tricia for the adorable trick-or-treat bags), and said Trick-or-Treat! Then she was sure to say thank you every time, and lots of bye-byes!!!

When it was time to go home, we had a very happy toddler.